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When I was a little girl there was no better game than the game of ‘twins’. This involved a very good girlfriend and I dressing up in similar, or preferably the same, clothes and then haranguing any available adult into trying to guess who was who. ‘We’re twins!’ we would cry in unison. The available… Continue reading Belonging

compassion, psychotherapy

Compassion and Self-Compassion

When thinking about compassion I would guess our first thought is that it is something we feel for others. A deep and profound connection to another’s suffering. A feeling far beyond sympathy and empathy. The Dalai Lama describes compassion as ‘the rationale that all human beings have an innate desire to be happy and overcome… Continue reading Compassion and Self-Compassion


You don’t have to struggle alone.

  So many of us bottle up our thoughts and feelings thinking we have keep carrying on. We think this is what being strong and independent means. We think if we shared what was really troubling us people would think we were crazy, they would think we were weak, or they would think we were… Continue reading You don’t have to struggle alone.